Thursday 19 March 2015

Collaboration with Caroline Jupp

Caroline Jupp is the co founder of The Library of Unwritten BooksLibrary of Unwritten Books is a collection of possible books that began in 2002. Short interviews are recorded with people about a book they dream of writing or making. Limited edition mini books are published from transcripts of the interviews, which are made available to readers at exhibitions and special events. Touring book-boxes also display the books at everyday venues such as cafés, pubs, libraries and launderettes. The books are collected through random encounters in parks, city streets and public places, and by invitations to visit literature festivals, public libraries and community centres. People are prompted to spontaneously record their unrealised ideas, fictional tales, and personal histories. There is no selection procedure and all contributors to the library receive a free copy of their own unwritten book. The collection is evidence of the common desire to write a book and is an ongoing survey of this literary phenomenon.

Caroline and I have been talking about doing an event based about our Dads. The 23rd of April is when World Book Night takes place. We're planning an evening in which we do readings from our father's favourite 42 books.  

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