Thursday 19 February 2015

Collaboration with Mikey Georgeson

After leaving Winchester Art School and coming back to London in 1995 I became a big fan of a group called David Devant & His Spirit Wife. I'd go and see them in venues near Charring Cross rd such as The Buffalo Bar, The 100 Club, The 12 Bar Club. The band's lead singer (Mikey Georgeson) wore a wig that was the same as his real hair, a white suit with a Playboy badge and would often do magic tricks between songs. I attempted to paint him years ago but gave up. A few days ago I decided to invite Mikey Georgeson and Gordon Beswick to help me make the painting better...
Within 2 hours the painting improved a great deal. Gordon added curtains and Mikey painted in more of a crowd and added speakers. The painting is going to be dedicated to The Buffalo Bar which is sadly being threatened with closure.

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