Saturday 24 January 2015

Welcome to my world

My name is Harry Pye. I'm an artist based in London. My paintings have been exhibited in England, Brazil, Australia, Denmark and Estonia and can be found in collections around the world including Rob Whytehead, Thomas Cohn, Ben Moore, Nicolas Ruston, Eduardo Mondolfo, Harriet Chalk, Niven and Ruben Govinden, The Joffe family, Kenny Schachter, Richard Marchant and Sartorial Contemporary Art. I've curated shows for Deptford X and Elefest in London and Glassbox in Paris. And I've organised events at Tate Britain and Tate Modern. My paintings have been sold to raise money for various charities including: Art Against Knives, Break Through (breast cancer charity), Action For Children, Kids & Co, CARA (Charity for academic refugees), Depression Alliance, and Friends of The Earth.
I'm celebrating my 42nd birthday by having an exhibition that features 42 collaborations. I'm also working on a publication with the designer Keith Sargent that will feature images from the show plus forty-two 42 word quotes about the number 42. 
 Thanks for looking at my blog. If you want to get in contact my e-mail is:

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